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"Computer Lab"

Quality Education is a universal goal.The first and foremost requirement for quality education is Educational Technology. 'Information Technology' plays a significant role in this endeavour. In Present times, each and every aspect of our life depends on Computers. The Computer has brought revolution in our school education also. So, "Society for Promotion of I.T. in Chandigarh" (SPIC) has taken lead in this direction and has setup a Computer Lab in our school. One Junior Computer Instructor, Mrs. Manvinder Kaur is also appointed by SPIC for teaching as well as maintaing lab.

The Lab is well furnished with state of art equipments like Projector, LCD Monitors, Printer, Swivel Chairs, Air Conditioners etc. Learning of the subject becomes easier as lessons are taught on projector screen. The whole class can be shown the lesson at one time. Thus, a lot of time is saved and the topic can be easily grasped by the students.

Multimedia CD's (related to subjects) are also provided by Education Department. Some CD's are pertaining to general topics which can be used for mostly all the classes which is indeed a boon for the teaching.

Designed By : Mrs. Ashu Arora & Mrs. Manvinder Kaur